Anak ni Vic na si Paulina Sotto Nagluluksa matapos mangyari ito sa isang minamahal

Vic Sotto’s daughter, Paulina, recently used social media to express her grief on the death of her grandfather, Arturo Luz, National Artist for Visual Arts, on May 26.

Arturo died at the age of 94, and his family did not reveal the cause of his death.

The pan3m1c, on the other hand, had prevented Paulina from fully saying goodbye to his grandfather.

“Filed under things CV1D has taken away: Being able to properly mourn.

“It’s been two days since my Lolo died. And yet, I don’t feel that he is gone. I keep thinking he’s still in his room, maybe watching Money Heist or John Wick, waiting for us to pay him a visit. I hadn’t been able to visit him in months. I couldn’t visit him in the hospital, couldn’t say a proper goodbye, couldn’t be by his side during his last moments. He will be cremated tomorrow and I can’t be there. I can’t see him off, I can’t touch him one last time. I can’t even hug my relatives. As I look at his body for the very last time, nothing about it feels proper. I know I will never see him again, I know I will never talk to him again, or share a meal with him again. I know he will never hold my daughter again. I know all this, but I don’t feel it. Maybe it’s for the best—this way he can live on in my mind and I’m not hysterically crying every night. But maybe I deserve a proper goodbye to one of the people that mean the most to me. Doesn’t mean I’ll get it. And it just sucks.” she said.


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Added the new mom, “Wear masks. Stay home. Get vaccinated. Honestly, if you’re still not taking CV1D seriously, then please remove yourself from my life. This pandemic has taken away too much already.

“Edit to add: No, he did not pass because of CV1D, for those of you assuming.”

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