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Asawa, Nagbigay mensahe sa mga Misis na katulad niyang may asawang Seaman

A viral photo of a seaman who was sleeping for a while due to fatigue from his work. His wife Ticong-Nicolas Jimma shared on facebook her husband’s real work.

Unbeknownst to others, hardship and loneliness are the enemy of the seaman every time they board a ship and are separated from their family.

“Love your husband/boyfriend/family as he loves you and your relationship. Saludo sa mga marinero na walang sawang nagpapagod para sa pamilya nila para lang mabigyan sila ng magandang buhay,”

In this picture of her husband can be seen the hardship and fatigue but enduring for the sake of his family. This is the reality of the life of the sailors on the ship and not the beautiful photographs aboard the ship and with the sea background.

“For a seaman’s wifes like me, I think our partners deserve extra care and love when they are not on board, instead of nagging and telling them ‘You go now. Call the office because we need money,” Jimma’s advice for other wife like her.

She also said, “For those relatives who always think that your relative seaman is sleeping with money, just look at this picture. Maybe it’s a wake-up call to some families who are fighting over seaman’s money.”

It is just a message to people not to judge easily, but to look at their hardship and sacrifice because they work hard to get where they are now, they worked harder to for the sake of their loved ones.

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