Bahay na Ginagawa, Ginulat ang lahat sa natuklasan sa Ilalim Nito!

What is your level of familiarity with your own home? Most homeowners are unaware of their homes’ histories, despite the fact that they literally live in them every day. When they renovate their home, they may discover the history of their home for the first time. This is exactly what happened to Ericka Karner of California, who discovered something incredible in her house.

Karner planned to remodel her San Francisco house, according to reports. As a result, she hired a few of the laborers to get the job done. Their building work was interrupted, however, as they made a major find in Ericka’s home! Workers discovered a tiny casket while excavating the concrete floor.

The body of a toddler was found inside the tiny casket. The homeowner and the workmen were taken aback by the finding at first. Ericka had no idea that a kid had been buried beneath her house. However, the enigma surrounding the kid will eventually be solved by history.

According to NTD Television, the child’s identity was initially unknown, thus she was given the name “Miranda.” Miranda’s true identity was soon revealed. They were ultimately able to solve the issue after a year of studying ancient documents dating back to the 1800s.

Garden of Innocence, a non-profit organization, identified the remains as Edith Howard Cook, who died when she was two years and ten months old. Edith, the firstborn of a wealthy couple, d*ed of acute malnourishment on October 13, 1876, according to medical records.

A DNA test was used to establish Edith’s identity. But how did her body find up at Ericka’s house in the first place? The Odd Fellows Cemetery was reportedly erected on the ground where Ericka’s home was built in the past. The remains were transferred in the 1930s, but Edith’s casket appears to have been overlooked.

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