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Baron Geisler, Impressed the Netizens With His Efforts to Change His Life For the Sake Of His Cute Baby Girl

Once you become a parent, your life will certainly change.

For a couple, raising a child is both a big responsibility and a blessing. Often, having a child often becomes a bridge for a person to fully alter.

The same thing happened to Baron Geisler, a controversial star.

Baron became one of the most talked-about in local showbiz because of several issues pertaining to his negative attitude, in and out of the camera.

However, the actor proves that it is not too late to change. At a rehabilitation center in Cebu, he met the woman who would change him, Jamie. Soon the two got married and now had a child.

Since he had a family, Baron has gradually changed his life. Today his heart also becomes closer to God.

According to him, his baby girl inspires him to be a better father and a person as well.

Meanwhile, Baron shared how blessed he is right now on his Instagram account.

“I’m very blessed to have a very sweet and happy baby girl. 8 months and feeling great. Thank you lord for the gift of family. I’ll strive harder so I can give her the best in life.”

On social media, Baron Geisler also often shares happy pictures of himself and his family. According to the actor, as much as possible he just wants to have bonding time with his baby and wife.

Because of this, netizens are also happy with how he changed for the better. According to some, Baron definitely improved a lot. From being a trouble-maker to an inspiring father and loving father.

Truly, everyone deserves a second chance. Especially if you choose God to control your life, and there are people around you who still believe in you no matter how troubled you are in the past.

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