Bimby Aquino set the record straight, debunks rumors about his gender orientation


Bimby Aquino celebrated his 14th birthday with a heartwarming one-on-one interview with his mom, Kris Aquino.



Bimby is well aware of the public’s perception of him but the 14-year-old is taking it all in stride.



In a 20-minute video posted on Aquino’s Facebook page, the mother and son sat down for a casual chat about the various rumors that have surrounded the latter. The Queen of All Media candidly asked him, “How do you feel, honestly, when you read those comments and they say you’re 6ay?”



“Wala, I don’t really feel anything. If you think I’m gay, alright. But you do realize that the 6ay community sa Philippines is a strong community. And you do realize that I’m 14,” Bimby answered.



“I know what I am. I’m straight as an arrow,” he added.



The elder Aquino replied with, “Are you sure?” to which Bimby affirmed, “I like women. I don’t like boys.”



Kris told her son that she will accept him no matter what his gender orientation is.



“I want to bring this out also. Whatever you are, I’ll accept. I really don’t care, honestly. Whatever you choose to be, it will be fine with me for as long as you excel. Whatever you’re going to be, you better be the best at the profession you choose,” Kris said.



At the latter part of the interview, Bimby reiterated his s3xual orientation and addressed the h0m0ph0bia directed at him, noting that other people are allowed to have their own opinion about him.



This is not the first time Bimby has respectfully shut down rumors claiming he was 6ay. In another video posted by mother Kris in 2017, Bimby had asked bashers, “Why would you judge a child?”


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