Coleen Garcia drink a smoothie made of her placenta to quickly gain her resistance


Coleen Garcia recently revealed having tasted her own placenta.

Coleen Garcia drinks a fruit smoothie made in her own placenta. After giving birth to her first child to help her recover.



After showing snippets of the raw, vulnerable, and personal moments during her childbirth, Coleen talked about all of the things she did to stay calm throughout her labor. She said she kept quiet and decided to suck up the pain to keep her body relaxed.



Coleen said it was a balance of listening to her own body and to those helping her give birth.



According to Coleen, it was not easy for her to give birth to Amari because they did not use painkiIIers. Coleen allegedly had vertigo due to the fatigue caused by her childbirth.



“I was so happy pero I was so tired, ramdam ko lahat. I didn’t have any pain relievers, nothing. They made me lay down na to deliver the placenta but it was taking so long and it’s painful already,” she said.



When Billy checked the head of their baby on Coleen was already crowning, he whispered to Coleen “he’s got a lot of hair,” which lifted Coleen’s spirits and gave her the energy for her last few pushes.



The actress said delivering her placenta took long, about an hour she estimates.



The placenta that Coleen released was made into a smoothie that helped her body recover quickly after giving birth.



Well, Coleen feels like it is something that is not really talked about.



“And a lot of people disagree with it. I don’t know, I did my own research and this is a personal choice. This is something I wanted to do,” she shared.



Coleen revealed that she still takes it once a day, mixing it with berries and yogurt.


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