Coleen Garcia shares in a vlog that she’s dealing with ‘p0stpa’rtum anxi’ety’


Coleen Garcia revealed that she suffered from p0stpar’tum anx’iety.



Almost a year after she gave birth, Coleen Garcia got “real and raw” about her postpartum journey.



She revealed this in her latest vlog, which was released on Mother’s Day.



The actress-host got candid about her journey as a first-time mom which we don’t often see on social media.



“There were so many moments when I just felt like a failure or at the very least, I could be doing so much better,” she admitted in the video.



Coleen shared that she was warned about postpartum depr’ession, but not about postpartum anx’iety.



This was even more difficult for Coleen as she shared that she has been battling her anx’iety way before she got pregnant.



“That has been my struggle. My mind takes me to places na hindi na talaga normal, honestly. I would just get so nervous, so stressed and so anxious over nothing and it would get me so drained,” she said.



Even with this, the 28-year-old mom shared that motherhood has helped her reach her most empowered state.



“I would say I had a pretty chill pregnancy, so I stopped thinking about things that worried me. But it’s different ‘pag nandyan na talaga ‘yung baby and I am a worry wart. So that has been my struggle,” she said.



Adding to the stress was how she felt sad that her immediate family wasn’t able to witness her son’s early years due to the pandemic.



Coleen explained that because when one is mentally drained, one becomes physically drained too. “My mind just comes up with different scenarios na sa totoo lang masasabi mong praning na talaga. Pero ‘yun eh. That’s what I was struggling with” she said.



Watch her video below:

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