Julia Barretto guested on Gerald Anderson’s vlog, admits willing to leave the industry to live a simple life


A month after confirming their relationship to the public, Julia Barretto guested in Gerald Anderson’s vlog for the first time.



For his latest upload, Anderson made Barretto eat some street food that she has never tried before while also asking her personal questions.



As the vlog’s “very special guest,” Julia also tried eating papaya, singkamas, manggang hilaw, suman, binatog, and dinuguan.

“Never kang kumain nito?” Gerald asked his girlfriend.

“Never ever. Only for you,” Julia replied.



Julia cringed a little bit before eating “isaw” as Gerald explained how dirt is removed from the insides of the chicken intestine.

In between trying out various street food, the actress answered some questions that were sent to Gerald by their friends.



One of which was “Are you willing to leave show business in exchange for a quiet life?”

According to Julia, she is because she had always dreamed of a “simple and quiet family life” and stated that one of her plans for the next five years is building a family.

“Anytime,” she quipped. “I always dream of living a simple and quiet family life.”



The actress said in the next five to 10 years, it is her hope to build her own family.

Asked about her five or 10-year plan, Julia said she plans to have a quiet family life.

“Saan doon, sa five o sa 10?” Gerald asked.



“Next year,” Julia said in jest, to which left Gerald in awe as they laughed together.

Julia said she wouldn’t mind leaving the showbiz world if it means having a quiet family life.



On her ideal vacation with Gerald, meanwhile, the actress shared that she wants to go on a “road trip from one state to another” and she enjoys the actor’s impromptu getaways.

Watch their video below:

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