Kris Aquino reveal that she wanted her marriage with James Yap to work


Kris Aquino discussed her marriage to basketball player James Yap.



In a heart-to-heart talk with her son Bimby, Kris opened up about her past marriage.



When Bimby asked his mom about her thoughts when she married his dad back in 2005, Kris opened up that at the time she was in a place where she wanted to tie the knot already.



She answered, “Honestly, I just took the jump. As in, a leap of faith. Maybe I had that hang-up, because of the first two serious relationships… The dad of your Kuya was not yet annulled, and the next one was also not annulled.”



Then she went on that what made James “special” was the trust he gave her, once relating something so secret.



“What made your dad special was that, initially, he trusted me by telling me something that he didn’t have to tell me,” she said while refusing to give the full details on the topic.



Kris then spoke honestly when she said she thought her and James’ marriage would work out.

“I thought it could work. I honestly thought it could work. Not realizing na he was too young and we really came from two different worlds but I wanted it to work,” she said.



But then she noted James was also very young at that time. The PBA player is 11 years younger than Kris.



Nevertheless, for Kris, enough time has passed since their annulment back in 2012 that there are no more ill feelings towards James.



Kris then quipped that people should never go out with someone who tells them they’re their childhood crush.



Apparently, James told her she was his “childhood crush.”



Watch their conversation below:


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