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Lolang 74 yrs Old, Sumisisid ng Barya araw araw para buhayin ang pamilya!

“Ilaw ng tahanan”, they are the ones who guide the children and accompany her partner in supporting the needs of their entire family.

The meaning of these words is really held by this 74 -year -old who is a mother. She is said to dive every day to pick up coins under the sea.

She is Lola Maria and she really supports her family through this work.

The coins allegedly dropped by passengers and tourists at the Dalahican Ferry Terminal in Lucena, Quezon.

It is part of the tourist ride to drop coins into the sea as a sign of respect and letting the sea make their trip safe. It is a culture that can be considered to be dropping coins here.

That is why Lola Maria is busy swimming and diving under this dangerous sea to pick up coins and keep her children alive.

She said that sometimes she was with his husband or child when diving in such an ocean. It is said that sometimes Lola Maria earns Php100 or Php200 depending on how much or how many coins are thrown into the sea.

This kind of work of Lola is no joke especially with her age and physical physique. Grandmothers like her should just relax at home and enjoy her life.

But, if you see her under the sea, it really seems like she enjoys diving and her kind of work.

Lola Maria’s story was once aired on television in the show “Front Row” on channel 7 entitled “Mga Barya ni Lola”. Its airing brought relief to Lola Maria and her family.

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