Maui Taylor, May nakakatawang sagot sa comment sa kanya ng isang netizen!

In today’s era, we are all connected through social media. Many fans are also able to interact with their idols using only Facebook or Instagram. But sometimes, it’s inevitable to have вαѕнєrs on social media. And as artists, they should also know how to handle such a situation.

There are artists who just ignore their вαѕнєrs. They do not give in to the hurtful words they receive, but simply ignore them. But there are also celebs who answer вαѕнєrs, especially if their comments are below-the-belt.

One of them is veteran actress Maui Taylor. Recently, Maui made netizens laugh after she replied to a вαѕнєr who insulted her on social media. Maui shared his sιzzℓιng ωєt ℓσσk on Facebook, and a respected Kirby Jocson commented.

“Idol gawa ka ulet b*ld,” ito ang pahayag ni Jocson sa larawan ni Maui. Hindi naman ito pinalagpas ng aktres, at agad rin siyang nag-comment ng “Di na, ikaw na lang panoorin ka namin.” Maui’s witty response garnered a lot of reactions from netizens.

According to netizens, the veteran actress’ past should not be rumored. During his heyday in the industry, Maui became known for his daring films. She was also one of the so -called fantasies of the town at that time.

However, the actress admitted that she also learned a lot from her experiences, and she does not regret it. Despite everything, it was still here that her name came to be known as Maui Taylor.

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