Meet Roanna Padilla, sister of Daniel Padilla, not a celebrity but definitely a hottie

Do you believe in the saying, good genes run in the blood?

The best explanation for this is Teen King Daniel Padilla who has several siblings from both mother and father side. Some of them already featured on different entertainment sites.



Now, the older half-sister of Daniel is now making waves on social media.



Meet Roanna Padilla, the actor’s sister to his father Rommel Padilla.



Roanna is Rommel’s daughter with non-showbiz wife Anabelle Antonio and while they may have different mothers, she is definitely close to his brother Daniel so is his girlfriend Kathryn Bernardo.



The 27-year-old stunner is not a celebrity, but definitely a hottie. Roanna is quite popular on Instagram with more than 85,000 followers and counting.



Roanna is currently based in Australia and enjoys traveling and taking pictures of her design works and other kinds of stuff.



Based on her Instagram account, she a design consultant and running her own RP Interiors company. She also posted her interior decorating photos on her IG account.



Daniel’s sister didn’t enter showbiz like him and their dad. But she is definitely a hottie.

She got her good genes from the Padilla clan and on her half-German, half-Filipino mom.


Will she also take the chance of entering showbiz in the future? What can you say?

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