Miles Ocampo responds to pregnancy rumors, linking her to Bimby Aquino


Miles Ocampo and Bimby Aquino Yap are currently viral because of some fake news about them.



Previously, Kris Aquino together with her son Bimby did a sweet surprise to Miles Ocampo, someone they considered as a part of their family already.



Their bonding which turned into something lasting has started when they both starred in the TV series “Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw.”



Kris Aquino declares Miles as her daughter while Bimby affirmed that he considers Miles as her sister.



However, the closeness between Miles and Bimby was painted with malice. Bashers were too quick to disseminate fake news about Bimby impregnating Miles.



Just recently, Ogie Diaz discovered YouTube videos claiming that the 14-year-old son of Kris Aquino impregnated the actress.



The talent manager even urged creators of such videos to stop making fake news just to gain a lot of views.



He slammed bashers and YouTubers as they were spreading false speculations. This time, he decided to criticize the said vlogs.

Diaz got furious about this controversy.



“Utang na loob! Yung nabuntis si Miles — para makagawa ng issue, para magkaroon tayo ng views sa ating channel. Utang na loob tigilan niyo yan,” in desperation to stop the spread of fake news, he begged those who initiated to spread such fake news to stop doing it.

“Kailan kayo hihinto! Nakakaloka kayo!”



He then reminded everyone to stop being gullible while coming across this kind of malici0us video.



Meanwhile, to debunk those rumors, Miles posted what seems her answer to the issue.



She recently posted a photo of her with a raised eyebrow on Instagram and stared in disbelief:

“2021 na… naniniwala ka pa din sa fake news?”



As much as many people are aware, Bimby was raised by Kris to be a thoughtful and sweet boy.



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