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Pinaka Simpleng Kasal at Handaan ng magkasintahan, pinuri ng mga netizens!

When two people really love each other no matter how hard life is, they will always be together.

Just like getting married where it doesn’t get easy especially nowadays.

Expenses are not a joke when getting married so some just become practical, even though sometimes fancy weddings are still in vogue.

Because of the hardships of life, there are still couples who choose simple marriage.

As long as they love each other. Just like this couple, who have become the talk of the town today on social media because of their very simple wedding.

This story was shared by Kenze Malmis Ponce, a photographer who took the photos himself in which the simple event of the newlyweds can be seen.

According to Kenze, the couple’s romance has been monitored for a long time.

He added that this couple has been together for a long time where they live poorly on some mountain area.

The couple’s simple wedding seemed to touch the hearts of netizens. Even Kenze himself, wept over the wedding as he took beautiful pictures of it.

It is obvious in the picture, that the newlyweds are in front of their very simple banquet.

The simple meals they prepared for their guests will also be noticed on their dining table which is placed on the long table where there are plates, cutlery, rice, dish, and soft drinks for their primary sponsors.

Here you can also see their very simple decoration and celebration.
The venue of their wedding also feels good, because they can breathe fresh air and not far from their home.


So netizens admired them even more because even though their marriage was simple, their joy and true love can be seen on their faces.

This proves that in love luxury is not important in life, the only thing that matters is the person you will be with forever.

That will give a whole happy family.
May this couple be an inspiration, especially to those who are planning to get married.

Always think that a fancy party is not important, because what is important is that you love each other and are willing to support each other in every trial that will be experienced every day.

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