Rabiya Mateo airs apology to her fellow Miss Universe candidates over comments from Filipino pageant fans


Miss Universe-Philippines Rabiya Mateo recently expressed her disappointment over Filipino fans.



Making rac!st and hate comments against other contestants of the upcoming Miss Universe pageant.



Given the competitive nature of beauty pageants and the enthusiasm surrounding them, it’s only natural to expect that things can get heated online. However, some pageant fans took it too far.



Miss Universe Canada Nova Stevens posted on Instagram a black-and-white photograph of herself.



Collaged with a collection of rac!st comments trained on her skin color. Unfortunately, all of them were in Filipino.



Meanwhile, Miss Universe Philippines Rabiya Mateo addressed the issue in a Miss Universe Philippines virtual conference on May 5.



She said that she sent personal messages to her co-candidates and asked for their forgiveness.



“I actually personally sent messages to Amanda, to Nova saying sorry because these hate speeches that we see online, this is not a reflection of who we are as Filipinos,” the Miss Universe Philippines titleholder said.



She added, “I can say that we do love pageants, and we support girls. And with Miss Universe, the goal is to celebrate the differences and to be with the girls and the cause that they stand for.”



Rabiya also expressed sadness over the rac!st comments her beauty queen sister Nova received.



“I saw the post of Nova earlier today and I really feel sorry for her because nobody deserves to be in that position,” she said.



Being someone who has experienced such a thing as well, Mateo stated that buIIying is a very emotional topic.



“That’s why I’m actually planning to make a video, the organization and I are planning to make a video to make an appeal to the public to stop being rude. Because it costs nothing to be kind,” she added.



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