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Ylona Garcia fires back to body shamers ‘no bra’ selfie but classy style

Ylona Garcia is a former PBB housemate and also know for being “mahinhin”.


She started her career at a very young age and her fans love her for being a dalagang Filipina.


But of course, most of us or all of us have our own limitations especially when someone is trying to provoke us.

Apparently, Ylona didn’t endure all the negative comments anymore and suddenly fires back at the netizens who keep on b4shing her because of her ‘No Bra’ selfie.

On her IG, she posted her lovely selfie with the caption,

i feel like my fans are growing with me together as both individuals and in the relationship i share with them.‬ ‪

feeling grateful && loved.‬

Because of this, many netizens reacted to her mirror selfie. Mostly expressed their negative reactions to her bo0bs.

Some say that ‘” hindi ito pantay” and “law-law”.

Ylona answered back, but she used her brain and honest words for her bashers.

The beauty and standards of the people are influenced depending on their age, culture, environment, and time.

” everyone has entitled to their own opinion and i respect that. But in my opinion, i feel sorry for them.”

“Giving comment especially about person’s physicality, they’re basically judging a person base on their own standards.”

“If they cannot respect and appreciate God’s creation. (Including us, humans) then they’re just plain out disrespecting God.”


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gotta find some way to tan :))

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Not long ago, Julia Baretto also experienced this kind of body sham!ng just like Ylona Garcia.

Dra. Vicky Bello came in and defend Julia, saying, it is very healthy and important to “let the bo0bs breathe”.

What do you think of Ylona Garcia’s firing back at her bashers? We would love to hear from you

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